A Gastronomical Journey

Traditional Indian Cuisines – A Gastronomical Journey

India often referred to as the mystic land, holds within its folds a vibrant history, which is intrinsically entwined with a multitude of cultures, traditions, cuisines that no other country can boast of having.

With a heritage of over 8000 years, India has undergone major transformations owing its connections with the outside world in the past due to trade relations, foreign invasions, colonialism etc. Each of these events has in its own way influenced India’s culture, traditions and eating habits of the people here.

Amidst the confluence of culture and traditions that bind us, there is a twist to the Indian lore that sets us apart and adds spice to our Indian heritage and that is the “Culinary Delight”. A country as diverse as ours comprises of an unimaginable variety of traditional cuisines. What is interesting to note here is that, although there are some basic dishes that are common to certain regions, there are, however, certain cuisines that set each clan, community and state apart.

The Indian Cuisine

If we were to delve into the history of Indian cuisine, it would reveal that traditional Indian cuisine has been on a roller coaster ride and has undergone an interesting and exciting journey. Indian cooking is largely influenced primarily by two dominating religions – Hindus and Muslims. The other religions have also had their fair share in shaping the culinary journey and adding new dimensions to existing traditional cuisines.

Apart from religions, there are various factors that have influenced the Indian cuisine specific to regions, cultures and traditions. Migrants over the years brought with them their specialities adding to the already overflowing Indian platter. The North Western regions of India were largely influenced by Afghani, Mughal cuisine types. While the cuisines in eastern and southern belt of India imbibed a mix of British and European flavours. The western region of India especially the coastal belt added a mix Middle-Eastern, European to their traditional cooking. Not to forget amongst this culinary extravaganza lies a bit of Indianized version of Chinese cooking too.

From the beautiful resplendent state of Jammu and Kashmir in the North to the coastal regions of South India, the colourful bejewelled land of Gujarat in the West to the serene mountains of the East, Indian cooking has an eclectic mix of locally grown ingredients flavoured with herbs and spices that India is famous for and the ever potent factor the touch of mother’s love.

The Indian Kitchen

The Indian kitchen is the heart of every home. This is the place from where the aroma of passion, love and tradition arises and engulfs every member of the family. There is not a single Indian who wouldn’t fondly remember growing up to certain aromas emitting from their mother or grandmother’s kitchen. Out of the spread that is served every day at home, there is bound to be a few favourite dishes that one simply cannot resist. At the same time, every family, every community carries with them the traditional dishes that are specially prepared during special occasions and festivities.

With families becoming smaller and fast food replacing home cooking, the essence of traditional cooking is fast losing ground. Some of the traditional cuisines have been long forgotten and once a treasure trove of spices and herbs and an integral part of every Indian kitchen – the “masala box”, is now just a souvenir these days.

In a humble attempt to revive the age-old traditional Indian cooking and as an ode to our rich culture and tradition, goHomely brings to you the culinary journey across Indian kitchens. Join us on this delightful gastronomical experience, as we take you through different regions, state specialities, herbs and spices used in traditional cuisines and granny’s kitchen secrets that can rekindle your passion for cooking.

Apart from reviving traditional cooking goHomely actively engages homemakers to turn their passion for cooking to an enterprising venture. goHomely has be enabling and empowering homemakers and other women who share a zeal for cooking by giving them a platform to provide home cooked meals to those who live away from home and crave home cooked meals. This serves a two way purpose not only does it allow women to earn from home doing what they love doing at the same time it allows people to follow a healthy diet from home cooked meals.


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