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Perks Of Homemade Food

Happiness Is In Homemade Food” this is simply because home cooked meals are prepared with a lot of tender, love and care and are much healthier and safer than those cooked in hotels, restaurants, café or roadside eateries. Apart from the personalized touch, that a home cooked meal imparts there are many health advantages of homemade food. Not only do home cooked meals offer a wholesome balanced diet, we also take measures to maintain a clean environment for cooking.

Here is why one should always consider home-cooked meals:

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are the most important factors that needs to be considered while cooking. Eating out in restaurants does not give us the visibility of how the food is prepared. We are never aware of the hygienic conditions and the environment of the restaurant’s kitchen. Whilst we are more careful when we cook at home ensuring that, the vegetables or meats are thoroughly washed and free of harmful pesticides, grime and dirt. We also ensure that the vegetables or meats we use in our daily cooking are fresh at the same time we can control the spices, herbs and the that we use for while cooking, all of this together makes it a healthy meal which is good for our health. At home, since you are in control of cooking, you will know how exactly the food is prepared.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits of having home cooked food is that it definitely saves you a lot of money hence goes easy on your pocket. Whenever you dine outside, you end up spending double the money as you would have ideally spent on homemade dishes.


Healthy ingredients are very important in our diet, one can use healthier cooking methods and substitutions when making their own meal. For example, restaurants and hotels use high-fat oil or butter for cooking, however, at home, you can use a healthy substitute such as olive oil which is good for heart and body. The ever-popular fast foods or restaurant cooked meals are pre-cooked or processed and are mostly deep-fried which again is not healthy.

Selecting the right ingredient and the right quantity helps us to balance our diet and is good for your mind and body, which in turn helps you to stay fit. It also helps us keep a check on the ingredients you are allergic to since allergens can create a havoc in your body if not kept in check. On the contrary, homemade food is high in nutritional value, which keeps us healthy, and helps build up our immune system. Homemade food gives you healthier lifestyle and moreover, you can try your own dishes with new flavour and style.

Variety – the Spice of Life

While cooking at home we can stir up various flavours; cook a variety of dishes and try different cuisines. For example, there are various dishes of ‘paneer ‘ available in the market but most of them taste more or less the same, but at home, we always come up with different tastes and styles and that too with healthy ingredients and most importantly love of the person who prepared it.

Family Bonding – Families That Eat Together Stay Together

They say the home is where the heart is, the kitchen is the heart of every home and mealtimes serve as a bonding time for the entire family. Eating piping hot meals together at home gives the entire family time to sit together and share a number of things, e.g. talk about the day etc.

Home cooking can be a fun when members of the family pitch in between easy banter and loads of laughter. Involving your children in food preparation such as mixing ingredients or reading out recipes loud not only keeps the young ones occupied but is also a great way to introduce healthy habits, it also teaches them to help in household chores etc.

Sometimes one cannot help but rely on outside food especially those who generally have moved away from home or live in a shared/PG accommodation. In a situation like this, one does crave for a home cooked meal; there are a few options that serve such fares where you can place a homemade food order and savour a home cooked meal. goHomely is one such option you can consider to avoid all the unhealthy ways of eating out.

Eating homemade food not only keeps you healthy it also allows you to fine-tune your culinary skills, and try different cuisines. One also learns about high-quality nutrition that freshly prepared home cooked meals provide. There is nothing as heart-warming as a simple home cooked meal prepared with fresh ingredients and oodles of love.

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