Bengali Thali – Fantastic Traditional Dishes To Enjoy With Friends And Family

Bengali Thali

Bengali Thali – Fantastic Traditional Dishes To Enjoy With Friends And Family

Which City Is It Originated?

Bengali Thali Fantastic Traditional Dishes – is famous for the fascinating Thali dishes packed with a variety of delicacies. Bengali Thali is originated and evolved in the Bengal region situated in the eastern subcontinent of India. West Bengal has a rich and varied platter starting with sweets, snacks to main courses. Food habits, tastes, choice of items, and preferences vary according to the different districts, religions, and communities. However basic course remains the same as Rice and Fish are dominant.

Any Story Behind The Bengali Thali? 

Bengali Thali is most preferred for its tradition made with fantastic serving options. Guests are served with the delicious Bengali Thali renowned for its taste and health benefits. This authentic recipe makes the yummy lunch menu and widely prepared. Bengali cuisine is something fishy and quite marvelous to enjoy a healthy diet. Normally, Fish is the essential items with rice and lentils and quite favorite for most of the Bengali meal. However, there are also a wide number of vegetarian dishes quite enjoyable and tasty for the meal.

What Is The Specialty Of The Thali?

Bengali Thali is often typified as the ‘Maache-Bhaate-Bangali’ in which the Bhaat means boiled rice and Maach means fish in Bengali. The Bengali meals follow the multi-course tradition in which the food is service according to the course-wise based on specific format. Bengali Thali is the only meal in subcontinent that evolved such convention.

What Does Bengali Thali Consists Of?

Bengali Thali has the assortment of vegetarian items such as Ucche Bhaja, Aloo Poshto, Cholar Dal, Begun Bhaja, Chanar Dalna, sweet Rosogolla, Aam Pora Sherbat, and more. Bengali Thali is specially served for the non-vegetarian with the Maach Bhaja (fish fry), Maccher Kalia (fish curry), Kosha Mangsho (mutton in the thick gravy), Alu Bhaaja, and especially Bhaat (rice). Bengali Thali is one of the preferred as home food Bangalore and it is convenient to order it in online.

How Is The Bengali Thali Served?

also ended with the sweet dish such as traditionally, Bengali meal would start with the ‘Shukto’, bitter preparation then it is followed by the Shak’ – leafy vegetables, Dal – pulses along with the variety of the vegetables, chicken, mutton, fish, or egg curry and chutney – sweet-sour saucy item. To end the Bengali Thali meal with a sweet note, rice pudding called Payesh will be served. Bengali Thali is nal sweets like Rosogolla or Sandesh and curd.

Some Recommendations From The Foodies:

With the change in time, Bengalis embraced different culinary influences that also includes Mughals, British and Chinese subtly twisting suits based on their own taste. Make an instant order of home food online Bangalore for getting the most delicious Bengali Thali instantly. Bengali Thali is good, and quantity appropriate for the person with a good appetite.

Famous Restaurants In Bangalore That Serve This Thali:

  • Oh! Calcutta, Church Street
  • Esplanade, Indiranagar
  • Panchavati Gaurav Thali, Garuda Mall, Magrath Road
  • Bhojohori Manna, Koramangala 6th Block
  • Kitchen of Joy, Indiranagar
  • Bangaliana, Koramangala 7th Block

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