Kerela thali – A Delicious multi-course traditional meal

Kerela thali

Kerela thali – A Delicious multi-course traditional meal

Kerala Thali gives a highly extravagant feast for the enjoyment of every food lover. This perfectly balanced feast consists of an array of dishes which are the major part of Kerala Thali. These dishes are the original reflection of the attractive culture and heritage the Gods have terrain has it in.

Which city it is originated?

Kerala thali is truly originated in the state of Kerala, India.

Any story behind the thali?

Kerala Thali is served for lunch. On many events, Kerala thali is served over tables. Sourcing of ingredients and items for Kerala thali is a careful and elaborate process for ensuring quality. The lighting process of fire for preparing Kerala thali is actually done after that prayer to Agni as well as the first serving is always offered on a fresh banana leaf in front of the lighted nilavilallku as an offering to the god.

Traditionally, the individuals of the neighborhood spend a huge amount of their sleeping time to help the cooks in food preparation. The neighborhood also volunteers for serving the homemade meals on behalf of the host to the guests. It involves an excellent amount of friendly social interaction that helped develop a rapport with neighbors.

Kerala meal is also served in panti (Malayalam). It means that individuals are served friendly in the sitting lines or on the floor earlier and currently on desks and benches. The host will always eat at the final panti as well as will go around all panties for greeting guests and for ensuring that guests are satisfied.

In a Kerala thali, all meals are traditionally served with a fresh Banana leaf. The Kerala thali begins with a deliciously sweet, commonly a Palada Prathaman, followed by a few delicious dishes. Though, different approaches and styles to both making as well as serving the food dishes are implemented in different regions of Kerala state based on the local preferences.

What is the specialty of the Thali?

The Kerala-style thali is renowned to be completely tradition-bound and disciplined. It is prepared by using pure coconut oil, irrespective of fully being non-vegetarian or vegetarian. There is an excellent etiquette to be also followed when serving the Kerala thali.

What does it consists of?

Chillies, asafoetida, curry leaves, turmeric tamarind and mustard seeds are all often used. The Kerala Thali consists of more than 16 recipes including:

  • Palada Pradhaman
  • Inji Pachadi
  • Vendakka Kichadi
  • Olan
  • Kaalan
  • Sambar
  • Aviyal
  • Koottu Curry
  • Cabbage Thoran
  • Puli Inji
  • Chethumaangakari
  • Varatha Upperi
  • Pappadom
  • Rice
  • Karimeen Porichathu
  • Malabar Chicken Curry

How is the Thali Served? 

Served on a banana leaf, this meal starts with serving the sweet named payasam followed by many delicious dishes. 

Some recommendations from the foodies. What do they say about this thali?

It is a multi-course and traditional meal served on a fresh and green banana leaf. The Kerala thali consists of an array of many traditional dishes that make it a perfect choice for people who love traditional foods. 

Famous restaurants in Bangalore that serve this thali

The unique blend of curry leaves and coconut oil creates a flavor that you will relish for the remaining portion of your life. Want to taste the mouth-watering Kerala thali in Bangalore? You can consider these restaurants to buy home food online in Bangalore. These restaurants serve highly authentic Kerala foods.

  • Kumarakom
  • Malabar bay
  • Kudla – hotel ramanashree
  • Folklore restaurant
  • Thalessary restaurant

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