7 Easy Elderly Meal Plan Samples to Follow

7 easy elderly meal plan samples to follow

Nutrition is critical, no matter what age you may be. It directly impacts your health and well-being and can be the defining force behind your quality of life. And as we grow older, our bodies undergo several changes. This is why diet becomes all the more essential as we move through life.

In fact, physiological changes that occur demand that the body’s changing dietary requirements be met. With reduced bone density, increased muscle loss, digestive and heart issues, nutrition can either aid or aggravate such health conditions and others.

Elderly meal plan samples

The topic of elderly meal planning may seem complicated and confusing, but the truth is simple – simplicity is key. And in a world of preservatives, additives, and excesses, basic foods are rare, but a must for elders.

Below we have organized a sample menu for elderly persons in accordance with the different kinds of meals we cycle through in a day. This should help provide a solid understanding of what an Indian daily meal plan for elderly folks should constitute.

Early morning

Beverages like tea, coffee, or green tea can be had a short while after waking up.

These often contain adequate amounts of caffeine that boost immunity and energy. Moreover, they also have anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties which can help reduce diseases like type 2 diabetes. They also aid digestion well.

These beverages should be consumed with a light snack, like a handful of nuts as they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other heart-healthy nutrients. Almonds and walnuts that have been soaked overnight are ideal.


A proper breakfast can be consumed an hour later. It should consist of fresh, seasonal fruit, a glass of skimmed milk, and another filling dish. This can be chosen according to one’s preference.

Items such as toast, boiled eggs, omelette, besan cheela or moong da cheela, curd, bread, and poha are great options.


Your mid-day meal should be a full plate filled with colours. For a sample menu for elderly persons, this can look like a couple of rotis, rice, a bowl of vegetables, daal, or sabzi, some curd or raita, and a small portion of meat. This can include chicken or fish pieces, which provide a good dose of protein.

In addition to these, a light salad should also be consumed. In case you are eating plain daal, this salad is essential. To add variety, you can switch this up daily from sprouts and beets to sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots, to lettuce, cabbage, onion, and more. Other small items can also be added, such as pomegranate, diced apples, cottage cheese, and simple dressings. Consider looking at simple salad recipes to try at home.

Evening snacks

While it is common in India to have chai in the evenings, this should be avoided with elders. Caffeine intake of any kind should be limited to the mornings alone to avoid sleeplessness which can lead to loss of energy.

A healthier alternative instead is buttermilk, lemon tea, or nimbu paani. This can be accompanied by a small snack, such as makhana, roasted peanuts, or even some boiled egg.


Elderly folks should keep dinner light and minimal. A few rotis or a bowl of rice with a serving of vegetable sabzi is a suitable example. Dinner should also be had up to two hours before bed so that proper digestion is not disrupted.

Before bed

A glass of plain warm milk can help give you a good night’s sleep as it boosts melatonin and promotes relaxation. In turn, being well-rested promotes overall health.

In India, an age-old tradition is to mix a spoonful of Haldi (turmeric) as well for its numerous benefits.


The body’s natural ability to process sugars reduces with age, so sugar intake should be managed well. Once in a while, elderly folks can have a sweet if they are craving it, and for diabetics, this should be monitored closely.

There are also some really healthy dessert recipe alternatives for elders that one can try their hand at. For example, chocolate-covered almonds, fruit parfait, and banana bread are tasty while remaining healthy.

Homely is healthy Food

Whether it’s a fresh juice, hot soup, or that rasgulla that you sneak in every once in a while, consuming homemade foods is the most ideal option for elders, no matter what meal of the day it is. Even that dollop of jam with the morning toast ought to be preservative-free and naturally sweet.

Why? Because homemade foods are free from all the different additives that pre-packaged or restaurant cooking contains. These kinds of chemicals and enhancers can worsen medical conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension. In comparison, homemade food is much healthier and can be tailored to fit unique dietary requirements.

With goHomely, you can order and create elderly meal plan samples for you and your loved ones across Bangalore. We have a wide range of instant order and subscription plans that cater to everyone. And to ensure our food delivery service for elderly folks misses no marks, you can customize everything to suit your every need.

However, taking care of oneself or someone through advanced years requires care and love. Cooking every meal with such custom preferences can be difficult, and cleaning the kitchen afterward can be a hassle, causing unwanted exertion.

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