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What is goHomely? We help you get healthy, scrumptious meals onto your plate when you have too much on your plate!

From time immemorial, there has been one truth that has reigned in every kitchen – it is a simple fact that nothing beats a home-cooked meal. At goHomely, we recognize this universal truth, but we also recognized the evolving needs of the current day and age.

Schedules have gotten tighter, and in the little free time that is left, it feels easier to order in or even skip the meal itself! This is where we come in. We make sure you can access healthy, homemade food that tastes like it’s arrived straight from your mother’s own kitchen… and costs just as much too!

Everyone also has their own palate when it comes to homemade food. This is why we’ve tied up with home chefs in Bangalore that cook authentic regional dishes from across the country! So you can now enjoy anything you order from us exactly as God intended it – whether it’s a buttery soft naan or a lip-smacking fish curry.

Our values

  • Healthy living – Since everything we deliver is homemade, all our items are cooked in real-time to provide you with freshly prepared, preservative-free meals
  • Affordable meals – At goHomely, we have different meal plans to suit every budget
  • Women empowerment – We partner with local home chefs to uplift women looking for a steady source of income

How can we help you?

With fully customizable meals and a wide array of meal plans available to you, we make sure your every need is taken care of. Moreover, our dishes are crafted and curated by our expert in-house nutritionists to ensure your health is never overlooked.

When you place an order with us or subscribe to a package, you are also provided with the choice to select which home chef you would like to cater your meal to you.

Your decision matters to us every step of the way!

Available meal plans:

  • Corporate packages
  • School tiffin packages
  • Pocket-friendly packages
  • PG packages
  • Health-conscious packages
  • Keto-friendly packages
  • Regional packages
  • Pregnancy diet packages
  • And many more!

Order home cooked food today

If you are looking to customize your order or meal plan subscription to suit your unique preferences and requirements, you can call us on 8899022022.

So there you have it! Ordering homemade food doesn’t get easier than this! Simply visit our website, or download our app to place your order or book a package.

Your health is our top priority

Our comprehensive safety checklist to safeguard against COVID-19

Health and hygiene have never mattered more. This is why we have all our home chefs and delivery partners follow a comprehensive checklist alongside the government-mandated COVID-19 guidelines and norms.

This way, you can forever rest assured that our food will always take you closer to healthier living.

Our COVID-19 preventive checklist:

  • Our home chefs have all groceries and fresh produce delivered to them from trusted and verified vendors
  • All items are then sanitized and stored appropriately before meal prep
  • Our home chefs and delivery partners are required to wear a mask and gloves when handling any order
  • Temperatures are checked daily for all staff members
  • All food storage containers are properly sanitized at the time of pickup
  • We offer no-contact delivery to enable minimal contact to maintain social distancing

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